Association of Christian Youth Communities

Civic association with a long history and experience in working with the youth, focused on the adequate use of young people’s free time.

Our activities

Regular small groups for children and young people in communities, courses and seminars focused on the spiritual and personal growth of young people, innovationl weekends for leaders.

Voluntary opportunities for young people in towns and villages. We help protect cultural monuments, we cooperate with communities from different parts of Europe within the European Network of Communities (ENC). We organize projects across the nation for young people. We support humanitarian and development aid to people in need in Slovakia and other countries.

Our priorities are meetings and communities in which children and young people find acceptance, growth, new friendships and a relationship with God.

We support the building of relationships between young people from different communities by creating opportunities for networking and getting to know each other at the regional and national levels.

We prepare special weekends (weekend events), experiential and teambuilding activities, through which they get to know their identity, uniqueness, potential and talents.

We support the activities of our communities, whether financially, through promotion, technical support, etc.

We support young people in their activities in saving and restoring cultural monuments and protecting the environment.

The methodology is for small group meetings, financial support for circumstances and activities, promotion of your events and activities on our websites, consultancy in writing projects and grant calls, coaching, and mentoring.

We invite young people to actively participate in various activities that we prepare and organize in our communities. The service does build not only character but also develops many skills.

We prepare and create interesting publications, manuals, and methodologies that help our leaders in their service to young people

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Vision of ZKSM

Our vision is for every city and village in Slovakia to have communities of young people, bringing the Kingdom of God to all areas of society. This is reflected in our slogan:

“A community in every city.”


Authentic faith


Young people

Unity in diversity

About ZKSM

ZKSM is a civic association with a long history and experience in working with the youth, focused on the adequate use of young people’s free time. ZKSM’s activities are aimed at all young people, regardless of origin, gender, race, nationality, religion, social and community status and political beliefs. It brings together 8,403 members, 259 communities, and 23 regional centers.

Strucure of organization

The community is the basic organizational unit of ZKSM. It is led by an animator – a community leader. At present, ZKSM unites 259 communities throughout Slovakia.

Celoslovenská rada (CSR) (Nationwide Council) is the highest establishment of ZKSM, which consists of the heads of regional centers or their authorized representatives.

The Control Committee is the control body of ZKSM, which is responsible to report its activities to the CSR. It controls the activities and management of ZKSM.

The regional center is an organizational unit of ZKSM, which covers individual communities. The regional center is led by the head of the OC. Currently, ZKSM has 23 regional centers.

The Presidency is the executive body that manages the activities of ZKSM in-between the meetings of CSR. The presidency manages and ensures the activities of the association, convenes, prepares and participates in CSR meetings, draws up an activity plan, activity report and proposes the budget.

The statutory bodies of the association are the chairman and the executive director, who represent each individual association externally.



OC Spiš

OC Bárka

OC Aétos

OC Stred


OC Zvolen

OC Žilina

OC Považie

OC Bánovce
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OC Košice

OC Nitra

OC Kéfas

OC Prievidza

OC Trnava

OC Sereď

OC Bratislava

OC Orava

OC Katarínka

OC Firesz-Duna Mente


The historical roots of ZKSM go back to the 1940s, when the first communities began to emerge in Slovakia. It began its active functioning in the 1980s, under the auspices of Cardinal Korec.

The historical roots of ZKSM go back to the 1940s, when, at the initiative of Professor Kolakovič, the first communities of young people were established in Slovakia. In the 1980s, under the auspices of Cardinal Korec and the underground Church, it began its active functioning. After the revolution, on October 17, 1990, the activities of the association were institutionalized, the Lay Apostolic Youth Movement (Laické Apoštolské hnutie mládeže) was established, and on December 8 of the same year the movement council approved changin the name to the Movement of Christian Youth Communities (Hnutie kresťanských spoločenstiev mládeže)

The current name of the association was accepted on January 16, 1999, when CSR (the Nationwide Council) approved changing the statutes and the name of the movement to the Association of Christian Youth Communities (Združenie kresťanských spoločenstiev mládeže). The association still operates under this name.

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