How can you become our member?

Who can become a member of ZKSM?

Individuals under 35 who identify with the values, statutes, and goals of ZKSM and are willing to become part of the Christian community.

Individuals over 35, if they work as animators and volunteers. A Christian community with at least 5 members, whose members identify with the values, statutes and goal of ZKSM.

An organization, or a group of young people who identify with the values, policies and goals of ZKSM.

What to do if the whole community wants to join ZKSM?

  • Contact the coordinator for new communities, Nelka Grajciarová, at the email address or directly the head of the regional center where you want to belong.
  • Subsequently, the process of your registration will take place in ZKSM registration system. Your regional center manager will guide you through the registration process.
  • After the registration in the system, a registration sheet will be printed, which will need to be signed by all members of the community and sent or handed over to the head of the regional center. Membership in ZKSM is renewed every year by signing the registration form.
  • If you have members under 16 in the community, it is necessary for each of them to provide you with a signed “Consent of the legal representative of a child under 16” before the registration, stating that the legal representative (parent) agrees to the processing of the child’s personal data for ZKSM. This consent is valid for the entire period of the child’s membership in ZKSM – it is not necessary to renew it every year.

How to proceed if you want to become a member?

  • As an individual, you need to integrate into a community that is a member community of ZKSM. Your acceptance is therefore decided by the community of which you want to become a member.
  • Are you under 16? To become a member of ZKSM, you need to submit the signed “Consent of the legal representative of a child under 16” that your legal representative (parent) agrees to the processing of your personal data for the needs of ZKSM.
  • Each candidate confirms his application for membership by signing the registration form of the community belonging to ZKSM of which he is a member.

Membership in ZKSM expires:

  • by renouncing membership in ZKSM,
  • by excluding the member from ZKSM – membership expires on the day of the decision of the relevant regional center,
  • upon termination of ZKSM,
  • by the decision of the Nationwide Council.
  • If you have any questions or something is not clear to you, please contact the coordinator Nelka Grajciarová for new members at
Petronela Grajciarová

Senior consultant

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