All activities, events, projects, and systematic work with the youth and children are based on the voluntary activities of young people.

Volunteering in our organization

All activities, events, projects, and systematic work with the youth and children are based on voluntary activities of young people who have decided to engage and cooperate in the activities of our organization without the claim of a financial reward for their actions.

The number of young people who respond to our invitations and come to events and regular community meetings is constantly increasing. We are aware that this is a great way to lead them to volunteer from the very beginning.

Nationwide projects

The project´s main focus is the evangelization of young people in Slovakia. We are aware that this world needs to hear a strong message of the Gospel, and we want to bring it through Godzone in an attractive, creative and modern way among young people in Slovakia. Therefore, every year the project organizes a tour around Slovakia that spreads the Gospel 5 nights in a row in 5 different cities.

Campfest is the only one festival for young people in Slovakia. You can be part of it too!

Volunteer in another century

Are you interested in cultural monuments? Do you want to experience an unexpected adventure? Are you 18 and older? Do you want to meet great people?

Through Katarínka and Dubova Colonorum projects, you can stop for a moment every summer, live outside of civilization and see history alive. How? Become a part of the camps that save the ruins of the ancient Church and the Monastery of St. Katarína Alexandrijská (in Katarínka) or the ruins of the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian (Dubova Colonorum).

More information at: www.katarinka.sk or www.dubovacolonorum.sk.

Get involved in the society

We want to invite you to pray for respective politicians who represent the interests of the citizens of Slovakia in the parliament. It is not about promoting individual political parties, or about promoting a political opinion. As Christians, we believe that we can intervene in what is happening in Slovakia by uniting in prayer.

Are you interested in politics, and would you like to get more involved?

With this project, we want to bring about a change of mindset and shape Christians in politics at various levels. The project is not promoting any political party but seeks to bring unity and cooperation among Christians across the political and social spectrum.

Find out more at krestanvpolitike.sk

Pilgrimages and camps

The project is one of the oldest activities of ZKSM. Every year, we organize a walking expedition from Muráň to Levočská Hora as part of this project. What awaits you on the pilgrimage? Wandering with young people, St. Masses, conversations, games, and much fun is only the beginning. You will walk 70 km in just four days. However, you don’t have to worry if you think you will be alone. You will walk in small groups and have breaks for lunch and activities.More information at: www.muranlevoca.sk

Do you like spending time with young people in summer and do you enjoy German? Are you 12-16 years old?
In that case, Nemecký Anem is a great choice for you. Every year we organize a summer language camp for you. In addition to German, the program also includes various sports and social activities, including a day trip and engaging workshops. Also, members of the community and young people over 15 meet at regular spiritual meetings at the Quo Vadis House in Bratislava. You can find more information at: http://nemeckyanem.sk/

Handbook for young volunteers

We have prepared a handbook for young volunteers, which serves as a practical aid in orienting oneself of volunteering and legislation concerning volunteering in Slovakia.

The handbook also includes helpful advice on preparing events, building a team, raising funds, as well as practical instructions on how to prepare a children’s camp or how to prepare for “small groups”, – which are the most common form of regular, systematic work with the children and youth in ZKSM.

Are you interested in what we do?